RPE is building up our custom polymer pack engineering and short production run capabilities, starting with an extensive R&D center that includes advanced cell and PCB design and prototype capabilities. 

Our team has access to extensive polymer cell inventory as well as spearheading the newest hard polymer cell technology which will be available this March.

Our latest capabilities include the ability to produce 3D SLA printed cell and pack case designs to build custom short-run large energy storage packs.

Currently, we are working on a line of large packs to work with our commercial and municipal LED lighting systems complete with power generation storage for advanced solar and compact wind turbines.

In an Industry where safety, reliability, experience and accountability prevail we are here for you. With an eye on safety and solutions that meet the strictest standards our engineers and sales staff have experience working with your specific needs. Please inquire about our special skills in Battery Management Systems design and development, a key component to the ongoing traceability of the products safety

In todays world of portable handheld equipment size, weight and energy density are most important. From Scientific instrumentation to handheld readers used in severe environments we can assist. Ask us about proprietary blends and particular chemistries made especially for the most hostile of weather and environmental concerns.

Rechargeable Power Energy is the company to call for the solution to your battery needs. We can work with an existing design to modify a battery, create a custom battery pack or at least offer a cost effective alternative to your current battery vendor. From single cell packs to complex multi-cell solutions, we will work with you to help achieve your business goals.

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RPE delivers battery energy storage solutions that improve energy reliability and efficiency.

Our energy storage systems manage the variability of renewable energy, smooth power and shift energy in a safe, reliable and simple way. Our solutions are powered by best in class cell technology and Battery Management System design.

Our goal: making energy available wherever and whenever it is needed.

Contact us today to discover why RPE energy storage solutions are fast becoming the number one choice for Electric vehicles, Small electric vehicles, grid power storage, wind and solar farm renewable energy integration (renewables).

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INNOVATION, commitment and quality

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Large Energy Storage is the dominant theme for 2015 and the upcoming decade. From remote power to industrial and military applications, the need for continuous or UPS in far off locations continues to be on the rise. RPE has recently created a 48V 170Ah solution for a remote lighting application for construction sites as well as a 48V 650Ah for large remote power -- both solutions being portable. RPE's strong partnership with leading electronics companies allows for the right integration with generators, solar power, inverters with Battery Management Systems (BMS). The experience finding the right cell, pack and integration partner is key and RPE is at the cutting edge of providing the power component for a large unmet need.