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Battery Testing Features 

Constant Voltage/ Constant Current testing for all cells with full list detailed report that can also be exported to excel files.  The testing software can display data by the seconds as

​◆Input Power: AC 110V/220V/380V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz
◆Output Range: 0 - 110V
◆Resolution: AD(16bit); DA(16bit)
◆Control Accuracy: ±0.05% of FS
◆Measuring Accuracy: ±0.05% of FS
◆Rise Time: ≤20ms (10%-90% Current)
◆Data recording rate: 10Hz(Single channel up to 100Hz), △T/△U/△I
◆Operating modes: Charge - CC(Constant Current),CV(Constant Voltage), CC&CV(Constant Current & Constant Voltage), CP(Constant Power), Pulse
◆Discharge- CC(Constant Current),CP(Constant Power),CR(Constant Resistance),CC&CV(Constant Current & Constant Voltage, this feature is not available now, please wait for our announcement),Pulse
◆Min pulse width: 500ms
◆Paralleling mode: up to 4 channels
◆Multi range: Each channel supports 4 ranges

You are only as good as your weakest cell

Battery 18650 Testing 

Detailed Battery Testing 

Easy automatic testing of the battery capacity (Ah and Wh)
Determine accurate Remaining Capacity for service and trade-in

Testing a Battery

Test Voltage Range 1Volt - 60 Volt batteries
Fully automatic charge – test/discharge – recharge cycle test

INNOVATION, commitment and quality

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